Hawaii NAILSPA Anoka       763-712-5885
                   Hawaii NAILS Coon Rapids 763-422-4960

Special occasion  special

$10  off classic or volume 3D lash extension.

Summer special 

 Dip powder   manicure    $35 


($10 up charge for take off old powder) 

 Dip powder full set         $45 


($10 up charge for take off old powder)

Spa pedicure and gel manicure combo special.

Only $49 (reg. $61)

($54 if soaking off old gel needed )

Service included spa pedicure with regular polish and

 full manicure with Gelish or IBD gel colors

( $5 extra  for soak off old gel,  french, OPI or special 

effect gel ),free paraffin wax for hands.


( Please mention internet special when booking, valid

only at Anoka location 763-712-5885. Up charge for 

French, special shapes, longer length.)

* * * * * * * *

Hawaii NAILS family, established in 1995, is owned

 and operated by our family and friends. We chose to

open a beauty business because it is something that

 we all enjoy. We work hard and have fun while we do

 it. All of our staff are licensed and experienced.

We are all about maintaining your beauty on regular

 basis with very affordable pricing so you can afford to

 look beautiful and feel great every day, all year round.

We have two locations

Anoka 763-712-5885

Coon Rapids 763-422-4960

independent operate

* * * * * * * * *

We used professional 

led light. ( No cancer

 risk )

We have 

Mood change gel polish



We have OPI

 Infinite shine 10 days 


We have CND Vinylux 

7 days polish

Last up to 14 days, we have over 200 gel colors available.

Only $30 (reg.$38)

Service included full manicure,free paraffin wax. $5 extra charge for soak off or french. Valid only at Anoka location.

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