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T3 Bespoke Colorlock Press flat iron


  • High heat and pressure from the dimpled plates break down color pigment getting color deeper into the cortex of the hair so it can be distributed more easily and evenly
  • The Press' Zeolite and Tourmaline-infused plates close the cuticle, sealing in color pigment and hair's own natural moisture
  • The Pressing Spray's unique ingredients help bond the color to the hair cortex and fill in gaps in the cuticle for a smoother, polished and reflective finish
  • Quick and easy heat up thanks to T3's SmartPipesTM technology - an instant heat recovery system that senses changes in temperature and adjusts heat levels for an even, consistent heat level throughout use.
  • Includes: T3 Bespoke ColorLock Press, Heat resistant cleaning mat, T3 Bespoke ColorLock Pressing Spray, 1oz trial size
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